The Mentorship Includes:

  • 90 Minute Kick Off Coaching Intensive

    During this 90 minute intensive, we will get super clear on your goals for the 6 months and create a strategy to execute them.  

  • Support as you need it in-between calls.  I will be available Mon-Fri and can support you via voice note through any business, mindset or personal issue.

  • Enrolment in all live courses

    You will receive complimentary access to any of the live courses Josie runs during your 6 Month Mentorship.

  • Full Material Review and Feedback

    When you sign up for The Mentorship, I will complete a review of your business. This will include your offers, sales pages, marketing and sales systems.


I Now Make 6 Figures A Year in my Business & I Landed a Ted X Talk 


I invested in coaching with Josie because I didn't know where to start with my business and what to prioritize. I felt overwhelmed and couldn't work out where to focus my energy.

I wrote a bucket list for my business at the beginning of the year and pretty much everything that was on it had been ticked off at the end of the year. One of my major achievements was giving a TEDx talk (which I never would have done without Josie encouraging me to) and being featured in several big newspapers. It was great publicity for my brand and a good boost for me! 

Josie is very good at combining action taking with manifesting which I believe is the recipe for success.

I'm delighted to say that my business is now at 6 figures per year.

I would recommend Josie to anyone who needs help with defining their business idea, getting it off the ground or making it grow.



​I Tripled My Business Income During A World Crisis


Josie gets straight to the point and lovingly confronts you with your limiting beliefs. She provides straightforward answers that you can implement in your business right away. And they absolutely work!


Josie helped me greatly to increase my confidence in what I offer. I implemented proven systems and created a business structure that serves me, my family life AND my clients. At the time of of world crisis, I was able to triple my income and my business is thriving  because I decided to use the crisis to be of greater value and service to more people.





I Doubled My Monthly Income


Josie is very open and understood fast the dynamics of what my businesses are like and was able to help me to see how I was restricting my own success based on beliefs around others who already held the positions I aspired too. She was able to help me with a clear path to follow, provided suggestions and recommendations for skills or tools I needed to achieve goals I set for myself and was great at holding me accountable.

It helped me to further question the stories I was telling myself at a subconscious level about where I wanted to go and how to recognize when this was occurring.

I was able to increase the engagement within my existing business base by 30% overall which contributed to an 80% retention rate on annual renewals and i doubled my monthly take home income. On a personal level I was able to recognize blocks, develop strategies to overcome them and make a major move without hesitation or fear that has resulted in a whole new business and life.




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$10K Months With Ease & Flow


I love Josie's supportive nature.  Her soft and feminine approach combined with clear vision and experience in Business Mentoring.  She is very supportive and replies quickly when I have questions or need support.  


Whilst working with Josie, I have consistently created 10k months in my business with less stress and more clarity.



I Closed A 6 Figure Contract


In working with Josie, I overcame my fear of making calls to prospects.  I reached a new level of confidence and I signed a HUGE client as a result of Josie's coaching.


Josie is always cheerful, supportive, and encouraging.  She challenged me to do things I did not feel were possible and I did them!!  


I loved every minute of our work together and would recommend Josie to anyone wanting to create more income in their business





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